Dortmund delegation goes to Canada with Walas

A warm welcome

World of Walas was happy to host a delegation from Dortmund in Vancouver, Canada this week. Lord Mayor Ullrich Sierau, the Mayor of Dortmund and other important delegates were welcomed by local, provincial and federal government representatives, innovators, thought leaders and other change making organizations for a very full program.

Collaboration and exchange

There were many introductions and explorations around opportunities for collaboration and exchange. The program included visits to inspirational sites and projects, networking events at Dudoc Vancouver, a Walas Innovation Centre in Vancouver and official welcomes by the City of Vancouver, Victoria and North Vancouver. Our team is happy to support relations between the regions and facilitate access to innovations and urban revitalization.

Bridging the gap

Walas and the City of Dortmund are working together to bring Canadian and international innovators to Dortmund. At the same time the Vancouver region shows great interest in several forms of collaboration around innovation and digital industries.

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