PHOENIX West looks Blue

“Phoenix West looks blue” is the title of the cover story on the yearly report published by the City of Dortmund and its Economic development Agency on local real estate development and projects. In this case, the blue colour doesn’t just refer to the brand identity of the Walas Group, but also to the concept of the blue-facaded high-rise building complex they plan to build around the blast furnace in the old steel factory. This building is just a part of their plan to revitalize the industrial landmark and prepare it for future development.

“The investment of the Walas group in Dortmund is a unique step in Europe. It is a good signal for the region: an industrial monument will be become active again as a place for new jobs”. With these words, Thomas Westphal, Managing Director of Economic Development Agency of the City of Dortmund, welcomes the vision for the redevelopment of the area drafted by the Walas team.

The article includes a short interview to the CEO and founder of World of Walas, Gerben van Straaten, who expressed the genuine interest that he and the Walas team have for the Dortmund historic landmark and on the motivation to work on its revitalisation: “You can’t not be interested in the blast furnace! When we first came to Dortmund 18 months ago, we were immediately thrilled. Authentic elements like the blast furnace preserve the substance of a city. With new ideas for old buildings and healthy business practices, we create places where people want to live, work, produce and participate.”

The entire article can be found in the digital version of the magazine at

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