Schalthaus looks for its Community

Planning and design for the PHOENIX West Schalthaus are ongoing and we have started creating a community of potential tenants for the old power plant building.

Schalthaus 101

The Schalthaus is the first building the World of Walas team intends to reactivate in the area to rebuild the connection from the existing surrounding neighbourhood of Hörde with PHOENIX West.

The Schalthaus 101 is the former power plant of the steel industrial complex and consists of a large hall space that used to house large electric generators and their related office and workshop areas. It is now empty of all equipment and provides an ideal canvas for future development.


The design concept for the hall is a box-in-box system, with the existing structure housing modular units inside. This allows us to keep the historic monument as intact as possible while revitalizing it. With roughly a dozen square meters per unit, the boxes will be grouped in “neighbourhoods” such as an Italian village, and host shops, offices, laboratories, ateliers, galleries, cafés, and much more.

Business opportunities

Finding the ideal mix of uses, design and tenants is always crucial for the project development and it is our current challenge. Can you see this old power plant being the perfect location for your business and would you like to join us?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our project coordinator, Mr. Boris Thorban at

Send Boris Thorban an e-mail

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