Dortmund hosting the German Cities and Towns Days 2019

The yearly conference

During the first week of June 2019 the city of Dortmund hosted hundreds of delegates from all over Germany in occasion of the Cities and Towns Days. This is the yearly conference promoted and organised by the German Association of Cities and Towns, which is the country’s largest national federation of municipalities, comprising about 3400 cities and towns with nearly 52 million inhabitants.

District visits

In the framework of the conference, visits to different districts, including Phoenix areal, were also planned to give to the delegates an overview on the implementation of city development programs.  Our team welcomed the Mayor, Mr. Sierau, and the other cities representatives to Phoenix West. It was an honour to accompany them on the skywalk tour and to present the overall vision for the area and the first steps of the development starting from the former electric central Schalthaus. Our team was happy for the exchange on the future of the area with experts and practitioners.

More information

For more information about the event, please check the website of the German Association of Cities and Towns.

Visit the German Association of Cities and Towns

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