A big day for World of Walas and the city of Dortmund

With an official press conference, the CEO of World of Walas expressed the commitment with the inhabitants of the city of Dortmund and the plans that the group has for the redevelopment of the PHOENIX West area. Acting as investor, planner, developer and manager, the group intends to bring back life in the old buildings of the former steel factory called Schalthaus and Hochofen and on their plots and to actively support the growth local socio-economic ecosystem of the entire neighbourhood Hörde.

First in, last out

Significant part of the press conference was used to explain approach of the group towards sustainable urban development and the motto “First in, Last out”, clarifying the interest to work constantly from the beginning and gradually at the long term economic development of the area, becoming part of it and without any exit-strategy, rather than to develop the real estate as quickly as possible, with the perspective of selling after a while to others, in order to maximize profits.

Enthusiasm allround

On that day, the Mayor, Mr. Sierau, expressed his enthusiasm for the vision for the development of PHOENIX West presented by the Walas Group. In particular, he found very convincing the numerous elements of this vision that combine industrial culture in the Ruhr area and economic dynamism.

Also the CEO of the Dortmund Wirtschaftsförderung, Mr. Westphal, shared his positive impressions about the concept, his willingness to cooperate with the World of Walas group and to support the present and future development of the district, the city and the region.

Next steps

After the press conference, the concept will be submitted to the city council. In case the city council supports it, it will give up the right of first refusal and will open the way to the Walas group for investment.  

More information

More information on the press conference is available on the website of the city of Dortmund at:

Press conference information

Thank the numerous journalists that were present at the press conference, the news about the commitment of the Walas Group in Dortmund was published on several newspapers, magazines and blogs.

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