Walas Concepts at work in PHOENIX West

A Multinational Group Effort

A team from Walas Concepts comprised of planners, architects, engineers and designers from Germany, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy has been working on the concept development for the PHOENIX West area for the last 18 months. The team will continue its crucial role in the project.

Dynamic Research

Walas Concepts is researching and interpreting the local context from the socio-economic point of view but also looking at historical patterns, present dynamics and future perspectives. Based on this extensive preparation and the feasibility checking of each idea in terms of its effect on construction, infrastructure, and economics, a vision is developed and a design emerges.

Concepts is also in charge of the visualisation and communication of this vision. Concepts work in collaboration with partners such as the different departments and agencies of the city of Dortmund in charge of city planning, economic development, monument protection, energy and mobility infrastructures, and the exchange with architects, engineers, consultants, citizens associations, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Other Projects

Beside this project, the Walas Concepts team works on others within the Walas Group and for clients and partners. A bigger overview on the activities of Walas Concepts is available on the World of Walas website.

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