Walas joins forces with partners for the future of mobility

In December 2018, E-METROPOLE.RUHR hosted their annual reception in Dortmund. Our CEO Gerben van Straaten presented a keynote address on the vision for Walas PHOENIX West and the projected environmental and economic impact it will have on the community. Mobility and logistics are important components of sustainable urban development, along with green energy production, digital management tools, and other innovations.

E-METROPOLE.RUHR is an interface for people with a common goal, the development of the Ruhr area through e-mobility . The initiative was founded by entrepreneurs from the region. Entrepreneurs, investors, executives and interested citizens are actively involved. The initiative is professionally organized, advised by experts and supported by well-known partners. Walas looks forward to working together with the initiative on local sustainable mobility for the area.

For more information on E-Metropole-Ruhr and the event, go to https://e-metropole.ruhr/bilanz_2018/

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