Walas welcomes German journalists to the Spinnerij Oosterveld

World of Walas managing director and founder, Gerben van Straaten, led Dutch and German journalists on a tour of the Walas Spinnerij Oosterveld project in Enschede, the Netherlands. Journalists from 20 media groups took part in the event to get an overview of one of the Walas projects and to better understand the approach of the group. In the former Spinnerij there are now 80 companies of different sizes that create over 500 jobs.

A good example

The building is an example of “community within the community”, where people work, cooperate and interact in a friendly, exciting, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere. All premises of the building are almost completely rented to creative and innovative companies and associations and there is a waiting list for new tenants. The World of Walas team believes that this can be a blueprint for the Phoenix West project.


Very impressed by the dynamics of the Spinnerij, also Mr. Ledune from the Dortmund Economic Development Agency, is convinced by experience and the approach of the Walas group. He looks forward to having a similar place in Dortmund as new attractive and creative centre for start-ups and more established companies to research, develop and do business on sustainability and future-oriented topics.

The German TV channel WDR and the newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten reported about this visit in the daily news. https://www.ruhrnachrichten.de/dortmund/eine-alte-spinnerei-in-den-niederlanden-ist-die-blaupause-fuer-phoenix-west-1337270.html

Videoclips are available at https://youtu.be/_CqJ_EkyFXo and https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=145&v=mmcIAJNDZvU

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